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Poster: the vegetable kingdom Date: Feb 22, 2009 6:45pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: call for new artists


first of we would like like to thank each and every one you who has
downloaded from our humble netlabel and we hope you have enjoyed and
continue to enjoy our output.

the NETLABEL section of the vast and complex mystery that is the vegetable kingdom was conceived a little over a year ago as an experiment to:

a) basically to see if we put stuff out for free on the internet, whether people would download it and hopefully even like it.

b) to communicate and let people know we were/are out there, make some new friends, share things, help each other out ( e.g through word of mouth using social networking sites like this).

c) we also discovered that that it was the most effective means of
instantly distributing our releases to a global audience, with a low
overhead cost and in a (comparatively) environmentally friendly way as
opposed to adding to the landfill of cd-rs and tapes etc. currently
spiralling out of control in the experimental music scene.

d) put out some cool shit

e) plus it never goes out of print, unlike cd-rs and tapes etc.

simple as that, really

so, at his juncture we currently find ourselves at a crossroads. most of
the releases have been "in house" productions so far and now that we've
dipped a toe in and realised it can be done albeit on a fairly small
scale at the moment admittedly - but the rate of downloads has been
pretty decent of late which has given us the confidence to continue.
it's been a long, hard, road in our short existence (this will be
related further in excruciating detail in a later blog - maybe) but it
kinda seems to be going ok at the moment, though it could always be

which is where you come in

we want to move into TVK phase II by attempting to create a larger network that runs independently of just ourselves -

we are reaching out to all you artists hiding out there who would like
to do a release and/or other collaborations on our netlabel - we can't
offer you fame or riches or a decent health insurance plan (eat more
vegetables is my tip) but here you can find a place to share your
awesome creations with like minded others which ,like, as i said before
is the entire aim. the idea is to to make make new friends plus gain an
audience for each other, i guess by encouraging interaction and
collaboration between artists using the releases as "calling cards" if
you will, to make connections with those who may understand what you're
trying to achieve.

with netlabels (or any other labels for that matter) around the world especially we are keen to do some split releases as well - mingle, get to know each other a bit better, do something interesting,exchange ideas perhaps.

the only way fora garden to grow is with as much nourishment as possible and the
vegetable kingdom wants to provide a space for all sorts of unique
plant life to thrive in a sustainable environment but it needs the
input of others to help it become a rich and fertile place that provide
plentiful crops for everyone in the village to share . this is not
about individual ego or glory , but a collective effort for the greater
good that everyone can benefit from if the work is put in. we will
strive to provide as much assistance to you, our wonderful volunteers
to highlight your vital contributions

no one is ever "signed" to the label,you are free to come and go as you please

all releases are free download (at this present time) and licensed by CREATIVE COMMONS

catalogued here

and available HERE with many thanks to

we are open to all sorts of submissions - they don't necessarily have to be audio either - make of that what you will

the more creative and experimental the better

we encourage mixed media (audio/ visual/ text - whatever) - think of them as
installations in a massive garden slowly under construction so we need
all sorts of different features to decorate it and make it into an
interesting place to visit.

basically, if you think what you do
might benefit from association with our dubious, unprofessional and
somewhat amateur but painfully sincere enterprise then by all means
contact us through this myspace or with a
rapidshare (or whatever you use) link and a short bio or something
equally descriptive.

i have spoken thus, and this is my message to you

many thanks

the vege king

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Poster: bipolarbear Date: Feb 28, 2009 6:29am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: call for new artists